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How we take care of you?
We take pride in our responsive technical support capabilities and are always ready to help. You have access to our highly trained and experienced technical support professionals that will provide the product expertise and guidance to help you reach a solution when the need arises. 

Product Replacement Guarantee
SmartLock dongles are backed by a lifetime guarantee. If your dongle fails for any reason, send it back for an immediate replacement. 

Web-based Self Help Technical Resources
We maintain a SmartLock Knowledge Base and FAQs and many technical questions can be answered by reading these resources. We also provide access to on-line manuals, software updates, applications notes, troubleshooting tips and more. 

                            SmartLock Knowledge Base
                            SmartLock FAQs 

Electronic Response
Have a technical questionon SmartLock? Contact us and submit your question electronically. 

                            CLICK HERE TO REPORT ISSUE

Telephone Assistance
Our dedicated technical professionals are ready to help identify problems and provide you with quick resolution. Call us on 

                            USA: +1-(617)-297-2357
                            Europe: +33-966-908586 

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   USA:     +1-(617)-297-2357
   Europe: +33-966-908586 



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