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SmartLock Package Package price Effective price per dongle Click to order
5 SmartLock USB Dongles $ 94.75 $ 18.95 Budget USB dongle
10 SmartLock USB Dongles $ 169.50 $ 16.95 EEPROM dongle
25 SmartLock USB Dongles $ 368.75 $ 14.75 Protect your software
50 SmartLock USB Dongles $ 662.50 $ 13.25 Copy Protection
100 SmartLock USB Dongles $ 1175 $ 11.75 Dongle Copy Protection
250 SmartLock USB Dongles $ 2750 $ 11.00 Buy USB Dongle
500 SmartLock USB Dongles $ 5275 $ 10.55 SmartLock protects Software Copy

For quantities greater than 500 units, please contact us for a quote.
All prices are in US dollars.
The standard SmartLock dongle is dark blue. SmartLock is available in 4 additional colours: Green, Light Green, Light Blue and Yellow. Minimum order for one of these colours is 500 dongles. Contact us for more information.
SmartLock can also be supplied with a custom logo. Minimum order for customisation is 500 dongles. Contact us for more information.
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We strive to keep our prices low, in fact we like to think we provide the best dongle prices. If you have any queries, please contact us at: 

                        USA: +1-(617)-297-2357
                        Europe: +33-966-908586

                Fax: +33-547-551337
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