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What is SmartLock?


SmartLock, a german engineered system for software protection, is a leading solution to help address software piracy by providing software publishers with strong copy protection and therefore secure licensing.

Based on a unique fully programmable CPU smart circuit technology, SmartLock offers an extensive collection of sample code and its ease of integration has made it a product of choice with software developers.

SmartLock provides an advanced technology at a very competitive price. This is why more and more software publishers use SmartLock to protect their revenues. Here are some of the main features.


Unique CPU Smart Circuit


Strictly conforming to NIST standards, SmartLock is built on a unique CPU smart circuit design consisting of an 8-bit CPU coupled with an 1024-byte EEPROM. This makes SmartLock more secure than other simple ASIC and simple EEPROM dongle technologies.



The SmartLock dongle contains a fully programmable 105-byte user memory space for diverse uses such as licensing multiple applications with the same dongle, enabling different software editions, modules and features, storing application specific encrypted values and imposing limitations such as the number of times an application is allowed to run before acquiring more licenses.


Complete Stability


The SmartLock USB hadrware lock operates at quite a low voltage, making it ideal for complicated and sensitive environments. It never impacts on the operation of other devices or systems.

Multi-language Support


SmartLock supports many different development languages on most of the recent Winows platforms and the Linux platform.


Languages: ASP, Borland, Delphi, Java, MFC, PowerBuilder, VB.Net, Visual Basic, Visual C/C++, VC.NET, Visual FOXPRO. 

Windows versions: 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, NT, XP, XP Embedded, 2003, VISTA, Windows 7

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